Tabbouleh from the lens

T aboulé is absolutely delicious anyway - it gets even more delicious (who would have guessed?) LENSES.

The lentils make tabbouleh a fresh one at the same time filling supplement. Independent and yet totally flexible with meat, fish, tofu ... or as part of a vegetable dish * schwärm * Vegans simply read the cheese or replace it with vegan white cheese.

I found the recipe here and got it

And this is how it works:

1 cup of lentils (eg Puy- or Berglinsen but not red) in water according to the package instructions even cook. DO NOT salt the water - the lentils will otherwise remain hard.

While the lentils are cooking 1 large bunch of smooth parsley and 1 small bunch of mint chop very finely ( Be sure to buy from the Turkish greengrocer, where you will often find the largest selection of fresh herbs.)

2 Tomato finely , 1 red onion (or two Who likes to peel and dice finely.

Drain the lentils and quench with cold water.

In a nice bowl, mix all the ingredients with the following spices:
1/2 teaspoons cinnamon , 1 teaspoon allspice , salt , 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice and 1 good dash of olive oil (do not worry - it's the GOOD oil ;-) And as always: a little something sharp is great, eg 1 pinch of cayenne pepper , some dried chilli crumbled ... just add to your taste.

Before serving, 1 piece feta ​​strong> above crumble. (Please do not take the well-known cow's milk feta out of advertising.) There are wonderful varieties of sheep's cheese in the counter at the Turkish greengrocer - or you can take the packaged from SCHAFSMILCH. It's worth it!)

And that's how it looks

Tabbouleh from the lens