Scharfista - two guys from Berlin heat us up with chillies really delicious. Plus: two sharp trial sets for you.

Z white guys from Berlin want to open up a whole new, hot world for the Germans: Under the label Pika Pika, they cook delicious sauces and jellies by hand and without any additives. Mild, spicy or hot hot hot - all recipes are vegan and delight with incredible combinations. Why, why, why - the two told me in a small start-up interview:

Hello, who are you and what should we be about you knowledge?
We are Diego and Fabian, two Venezuelans who, after a long friendship, did not just want to party together anymore. With Pika Pika we have found a project that brings together the passion for good food, chilies and our strengths.

How do you know each other?
We have been in the " Venezuelan diaspora ", in Berlin. Life brought us to Berlin 11 and 12 years ago and a strong friendship has formed from a country people's acquaintance.

Your business in 300 characters:
Our motto : Cooking Meets Chili Peppers. We compose chili pieces. It's not about inventing the hottest or the craziest sauce, but creating the perfect harmony between certain chillies and the other ingredients.

Why do you guys make sure you're in focus?
Although spicy food - a bit contrary to prejudice - is not common in Latin America, our parents are "hot-eaters". Diego's mother had even made sauces in Venezuela. Fabian's father has always grown chilies at home (which is very easy in Venezuela) and put them in or, in combination with onions, garlic and herbs, turned them into a simple salsa.

On the other hand, the supply of chilli Sauces in Germany so one-sided, typical US-American (we do not have against the US;) - mostly ketchup-like, viscous, always red, vinegary, so it obviously gave us a place for chili gourmet sauces.

Film break: The two totally likeable guys in their crowdfunding video

Who had the idea?
Diego started at the Christmas market last year. He is a cook and the idea has developed in conversations with different people. Add to that the experience of his mother as a sauce cook in Venezuela. At that time we had two little contact. But I strangely enough bought the domain 5 years ago because I had a similar idea from an online shop. Diego knew nothing about it. We were mainly celebrating (hey) and never really talked about work. And at some point we realized that we had to do it together.

Business plan or "will be"?
Both - we do have "doing" something about it "Plan" provided. But not messy. We can call the idea a kind of "lean startup" that we associate with our work experience. I am an industrial engineer and have worked for Internet companies in Berlin for a long time. Diego is a musician and cook. We have noticed on various street markets that the Germans also like to eat spicy. And then we organized ourselves and set up a plan.

Where do your ingredients come from?
All ingredients come from the market, except some chilli. All chilies are grown in Europe. Chilies are not a mass product in Europe and are therefore grown by small and medium-sized producers. We buy the chilies from Holland, Italy and in organic quality soon from Austria. We simply get the other ingredients on the market.

Slightly spicy, medium or very, very spicy?
Everybody's his.We play with the colors, the cooking style, produce raw food sauces, jellys, salsas and liquid sauces . The sauces are first and foremost delicious and then spicy ...

Scharfista Pika Pika Portada

Everyone should eat hot because ...
... it's a natural flavor enhancer. There is a lot to try, each person has a different threshold of severity regardless of origin, size or gender. It has to do first with natural disposition and then habituation. In addition, certain scientific studies say that spicy should be very healthy.

Spicy food has always been popular in many different cultures for very different reasons. In pre-Columbian cultures it was part of religious acts it was even sacred. We know today that these ancient civilizations were very often right;)

Vitamix or mortar?
Vitamix we do not have yet (he he) - but we use both possibilities , We cook everything ourselves, properly hand-made, but chilies are too hot to cut all with the knife. The really sharp specimens then come into the blender.

The coolest thing you can do with spicy stuff?
Get a sharp kick at every dish - no matter which one , In Germany, many people associate chili sauces only with crickets - which is a pity! A salad dressing with a slightly spicy note, hearty cheeses with a medium or mildly strong kiwi-mint jelly , or in winter a lentil soup with a few drops of Naga Jolokia -Sauce for a quick kick - all of that is delicious!

What your best buddy should never say to you
That "the Germans" do not eat spicy ... We have heard that so often. As a warning. "Who knows if the idea is good?" But that's not true. The Germans like it very much. It depends on the dose.

When do you expand to Hamburg?
Tomorrow, he hehe ... tells you where a great street food market, a food fair or Similar events take place - and we are here. In addition, if a deli is in the mood for our products, feel free to contact us.

You've finally taken over the world when ...
... are all spicy. We are Capos of the Chili Mafia. A legal addiction ...

Thanks Fabian and Diego for the fluffy interview! And still a lot of success with the sharp stuff.

At the moment they are selling their products on Berlin markets and food festivals. You also get them in selected delis. You can also order all products online at

My tip: The milder sauces are wonderful to drink like a dip or ketchup. The really sharp devices should be used more like a spice: a small dab in a dressing or stirred into mayonnaise opens up completely new taste highlights. You want to try that too? Well then:

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