Merguez with colorful tomato salad

Merguez with colorful tomato salad | The first treat of this crispy bratwurst ... and ... FLASHBACK!

One of my first vacations without parents was spent with my then boyfriend in Tunisia. That was far away, cheap and with lots of sun, beach and sea. So everything a 17-year-old Frollein expects at the beginning of the 90's from a vacation. I can not remember the name of the place or the hotel. Blurry, I still have white, nested buildings in the Moorish style in mind, a spacious garden and a guarded gate to the sea.

What I can but remember crystal clear, is an incredible, grilled sausage in the hotel was served as a snack at midnight. If we get sweaty from stomping Dr. Alban rhythms (yes, I know) tumbled out of the hotel disco, you heard chirping crickets, could smell blooming jasmine - and the delicious smell of grilled sausage. The small sausages were roasted on a barrel grill over the open fire right next to the pool and then served in a bun with slices of tomato, a leaf of lettuce, fresh sweet pickled rings and a fantastic, very spicy red sauce. At that time, I could not get enough of it and I was looking forward to it every night.

In all the years after, no comparable sausage had eaten anymore. Until I picked this handmade Merguez by chance last week. They just looked so good. The trader has them made from 100% lamb with oriental spices and no other additives from a butcher in Hamburg.

Merguez with colorful tomato saladMerguez with colorful tomato salad

They looked awkward already so delicious that I had to take about 1,000 photos of it. And then they came in the pan over medium heat. What a scent!

While the sausages were sizzling gently, developing a wonderfully brown crust, I finally decided to make a salad out of my favorite tomatoes. I would have liked to have looked at these beautiful colors and shapes for three more weeks, and always managed to master them. But after maturity comes muddy - and that brings then no one else. I also had the distinct feeling that the tomatoes were the perfect complement to the Merguez. Great anticipation!

Merguez with colorful tomato salad

Colorful Tomato Salad

I cut the tomatoes into irregular slices and pieces so that the different varieties are also right come for retribution. Added to this was a thinly sliced ​​ red onion .

A simple dressing of 4 tablespoons of olive oil , 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar Salt , Pepper , 1 pinch of brown sugar and some chili should lift the taste of the tomatoes without it to paint over. Finally, a handful of mashed, fresh basil were added.

Merguez with colorful tomato salad

The ready-to-roast sausages have not only brought many memories and great joy, but also made a really appropriate partner for the tomato salad. You could even taste the differences in the tomatoes: some were nutty, others sweet and then there were still some with very delicate flavor. In addition, the slightly spicy lamb sausage.There's no need for Chichi anymore.

Merguez with colorful tomato salad