{Low Carb} Virgin Blueberry Aronia Mojito. A healthy mocktail without alcohol.

H allo, my name is Mel. and I do not drink alcohol right now. The man and I are surfing on the New Year's wave of motivation. Little carbs (less for a belly roll), no alcohol (for the same reason plus better sleep), more exercise in the fresh air at - important! - Daylight (against winter light deficiency gemuffel and for more relaxation).

So far, we keep up quite well. However, we are beginning to notice that after the first two weeks of the superhero initial euphoria , it will be a little more difficult. Yes, that's how it is. There is, for example, this thing with the drinks. We replaced our evening glass of red wine with tea. And at the beginning I was still enthusiastically torn my various teas off the shelf. Apart from developing an amazing nursing home routine and having to get out for certain things three times a night, tea has also become amazingly boring amazingly fast. Surprisingly, I have no problems drinking for weeks only one kind of red wine. But every evening hot water? Jeez. I'll think more about it on occasion.

I came up with something for the quick and effective salvation from the current Tee-Gate. And something with an attractive appearance and without alcohol: The Virgin Blueberry Aronia Mojito comes with a lot of color and flavor - but with little Carbs. On top of that, there are healthy fresh berries, a dash of vitamin-rich Aronia juice and a refreshing mint green. Aronia juice is also called the Saxon superfood , A lovely name that makes the German headlines region at least a little more sympathetic. Aronia is a brand name for apple-berries, which are grown in Saxony and Brandenburg. With plenty of vitamin C and various phytochemicals, the berry juice is definitely a healthy thing to eat. Perfect for our superhero drink. Superfood does not necessarily have to come from the other end of the world, no.

The sweetness that we need for our Mocktail Mojito comes from coconut blossom sugar . Despite its caramel-like sweetness, it has an extremely low glycemic index and thus only very slow and even effects on the blood sugar level. An exciting alternative for all people who want/need to be on their blood sugar.

And for those who are extremely bored with these (and other) good New Year's resolutions, there is, of course, more a good message: take a good rum in the drink. It also tastes very, very well.

Well, then make something delicious and tell me what good intentions keep you on your toes. I'm curious. Cheers!

{Low Carb} Virgin Blueberry Aronia Mojito Cocktail GourmetGuerilla.com{Low Carb} Virgin Blueberry Aronia Mojito Cocktail GourmetGuerilla.com {Low Carb} Virgin Blueberry Aronia Mojito Cocktail GourmetGuerilla.com

And here's the recipe for Slow-Carb Blueberry Aronia Mojito (with and without alcohol):

Ingredients for 2 drinks:

100 g Blueberries
approx. 4 stalks of mint
4 teaspoons of coconut blossom sugar *
1 lime, pressed out
4 tbsp of aronia juice * (100% fruit content)
approx.Crush well with a cocktail pestle * (or with the bottom of a sturdy snaffle).

Add 2 tablespoons of Aronia juice * and half of the lime juice and stir. (If you prefer the version with alcohol, add 2 cl of Rhum Agricole).

Gently fill with mineral water to create pink foam. Put 3 ice cubes into the glass.

For decoration, place a few blueberries on a cocktail stick and add mint and possibly other blueberries to the glass with a style.

For the second drink exactly Do so.

Tip: When you fill up with mineral water, the drink foams a lot. If you like pink foam, you will be delighted. If you prefer no foam on your drink, simply stir the drink well and then possibly refill it into a fresh glass. Then add the ice and the decoration.

Of course you can choose the amount of coconut sugar according to your taste. Personally, I do not like it sooo cute and therefore come with 1 to 11/2 teaspoon. Explained sweet-fans can also use three or four spoons. Just try it and find your favorite dosing.

* You can find ingredients and equipment with asterisks in the well-stocked retailers or order them through amazon's affiliate program links above. Of course, that does not cost you a cent extra. And I get a few cents from Amazon as support for the blog work. Thank you for making this possible!

{Low Carb} Virgin Blueberry Aronia Mojito Cocktail | GourmetGuerilla.com {Low Carb} Virgin Blueberry Aronia Mojito Cocktail GourmetGuerilla.com