Salad of black radish, wasabi cheese and caramelized nuts

Yesterday evening I thought spontaneously that I was standing in the decoration department of Habitat. What are those exciting black things with these funny winding tips? Ebony objects for the mantelpiece? Or can you put a tealight somewhere? Nothing there - in fact I was still exactly where I had walked with my shopping basket of wire: in front of the vegetable shelf in the earth. And the objects of my admiration were (attention!) Black radishes.

I see the question marks in your eyes. Radishes? Black? So so. Can you eat that? I could have sworn that I had never seen these beautiful, sculptural tubers before. But maybe I just did not pay attention to them. Outrage.

Once I had two of them in my wire basket, it was clear: I need to make food out of them. Just what? Darkly I remembered recipes like radish, which I had read somewhere. From radish you can make salad - as he behaves probably as positive as radishes. With a vinegar-oil dressing, chives and a pinch of sweet.

And what's the key to the X-factor? Maybe cheese. Why not. Sausage salad with vinegar oil dressing is also made with cheese. So on to the cheese counter. There I discussed with the cheese consultant of my trust in detail about suitable cheeses. He finally suggested wasabi cheese (and of course gave me a try right away). Perfect! Radish is earthy-spicy, the wasabi cheese is spicy-spicy - together with a sweet-and-sour dressing, it can only be great.

At home, I took these pictures of the great black radishes. By the way, these are completely white inside. But the topic was set with it; therefore, the rest has become black as radish. (AdV: The semicolon is for the wonderful Gaibi.)

Here's how it works:

2 Peel black radishes and cut into thin slices on a vegetable slicer. Cut 1/2 red pepper into fine rings.

brown sugar in a pan and mix and roughly crumbled walnuts . Stir until the nuts are covered in sugar and let cool on a piece of baking or parchment paper.

From 3 tablespoons white wine vinegar , 2 tablespoons maple syrup , 1 good TL salt Add 1 strong pinch of pepper and 3 tablespoons neutral oil to a strong dressing. Wash 1/2 bunch chives and cut into small rolls. Add 2/3 to the dressing and mix under the radish and pepper slices. Let it rest for 10 minutes.

In the meantime, wash wasabi into fine strips. Mix under the radish slices.

Arrange the radish salad loosely on a plate and sprinkle generously with the caramelized nuts. Decorate with the remaining chives.

The small salad tastes unusual - but really great!