{Low-Carb Snack} Hearty sweet potato slices from the toaster. Ready in 5 minutes and just good.

D u know this - so far you have been exemplary iron and have kept your perfect low-carb intentions. And then he's suddenly there: THE FIESE SMALL SNACK-HUNGER! This mean jieper on something hearty, salty, delicious. A stew with salami or cheese, that would be just the right thing. Or chips. Or one of these Turkish puff pastry rolls stuffed with sheep's cheese ... nomnomnom ... PLOPP! In your mind's eye, the Jieper bubble bursts and gives way to the image of a raw kohlrabi slice and a cold cheese cube. Oh no! You can not expect that much strength of character (at least not after three carbohydrate-free weeks)!

Do not worry - this is the perfect and healthy low-carb snack that will make you happy again and again : Sweet potato slices with everything you like. The highlight: they are deliciously roasted in the toaster in 5 minutes and then filled according to desire, mood and refrigerator contents. How about, for example, good ham, a gürkchen and a swab of horseradish? Or with spinach, goat's cheese and pomegranate seeds? Fast-food fans will love the sweet potato slice Hot-Dog-Style with sausage, gherkin, remoulade and silver onion. Your imagination and your snack-hunger are virtually unlimited! And all at lightning speed without a guilty conscience.

The sweet potato slices work best when you cut a round, peeled sweet potato along with a sharp knife into 0.5 cm thick slices.

If the sweet potato slices are thinner, they quickly turn brown. Thicker pieces take longer and may have a bit too much bite. But try the best with your home toaster - then you have quickly found the perfect combination.

100 g of sweet potatoes have the way - if you subtract the fiber - about 17 g of carbohydrates. A sweet potato slice without topping weighs about 35 g. That means you can get a slim 6 g carb per cut. At the same time you will also get a huge portion of vitamin A and beta-carotene as well as important amounts of vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin and even a little calcium.

And what are you waiting for your perfect healthy snack ? I'm curious!

And here comes the recipe for savory low-carb sweet potato el-cut from the toaster

Ingredients for approx.(For long slot scooters, 2 slices fit into each slot.)

The sweet potato slice is ready when it's just a bit bite and slightly browned at the edges.

Prove that Chop along your whim and indulge in your snack cravings!

Tips: Since the result for each toaster may be slightly different, it's best to first make a sample cut and pass the time to your taste. If you consume only half of the sweet potato, the other half will stay in cling film for a few days in the refrigerator.

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