Lentil salad with Kolbász, Edamame, baby spinach and spicy currant dressing

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H eute's a change for the sausage. Because sausage is on the rise. In the meantime, there are even true scene sausages, which among other things are served by an enormous number of food truck windows. Or land in brightly colored food magazines with a small salad on darkly glazed plates. Portuguese-Spanish chorizo ​​and French Merguez are just two of the hot candidates who are currently allowed to play at the top. Grilled or roasted, with a breeze of homemade ketchup or noble mustard, they are now even supplanting the patties from the homemade burger buns.

But beyond "fine snacks" and "casserole on hand" sausage is an exciting affair, which can be great for strong taste sensations in the fast, fresh kitchen (and with the decisive pinch Hippness factor) can install. How about, for example, a hearty lentil salad with Kolbász, Edamame, baby spinach and a spicy currant dressing. Sound good? Ha! And it's really super easy. The recipe for rebuilding is below.

For those who are just wondering: Kolbàsz is a Hungarian pureed pork salami made from pure pork that smoked lightly over beech wood and air-dried for about 40 days. Kolbász production can be traced in Hungary well into the 18th century. And - as with many sausage specialties, which go back deep into the culinary tradition of a country - Kolbász simply simply means "sausage". Here in the supermarket you can find the Hungarian Kolbász. from Pick in the medium-sharp variety as sausage pair and as long salami with really much paprika-Wumms find. Incidentally, the Hungarian company has been producing traditional sausage specialties since 1869. Kolbász is gluten-free, lactose-free and free of flavors (for those who - like me - always read the fine print).

With my lentil salad, the Hungarian salami is a wonderful basis for spicy dressing: Along with red Sautéed onions and topped off with aromatic spices plus a dollop of redcurrant jam, it brings a thrilling twist to healthy, protein-rich lentils, crisp-green edamame, and delicate baby spinach.

So, and who's gotten really appetite , can start immediately. Or you leave me below as a comment your favorite recipe with sausage there. I look forward to your personal Wurstconnection!

And here comes the recipe for lentil salad with Pick Kolbász, Edamame, Baby Spinach and savory currant dressing