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Welcome to the Bull & Bear Eatery and Tavern! We are a family owned restaurant, located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We open at 6 am for one of the best breakfasts in town, kitchen closes around 11 pm, and bar is open till 2 am. We serve a full breakfast, lunch and dinner, with great appetizers and famous burgers. We have a full bar with ten big screen tv's to watch all your favorite sporting events, or just relax during our daily happy hour.

We also have two separate dining halls that are available for special events, and a gaming room with a pool table.

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From the North:
Take I-94 or Highway 31 (Green Bay Rd.) South to Highway 50. Take Highway 50 east to Pershing Blvd. Take Pershing Blvd. south (right) to 80th, entrance is across the intersection to the left.

From the South:
Take I-94 or Highway 31 (Green Bay Rd.) past Highway 165 to Highway 50. Take Highway 50 east to Pershing Blvd. Take Pershing Blvd. south (right) to 80th, entrance is across the intersection to the left.




Jeff S.

My wife and I stopped in for their Friday night fish fry and there were two events going on with large groups, but we had a pleasant experience and good meals.  Our server was very attentive, our water glasses were consistently re-filled, and our food came out quickly.  The fish options were Cod and Perch and we tried both and we liked them both.  We will definitely return.


Josh S.

Hostess at the front was extremely rude. Arrived and was told 20 minute wait, after 45 minutes I went up and asked how much longer, been waiting almost an hour. In a bitchy mood, she says 'actually, you only been waiting 42 minutes' listen bitch, it's still 2 x what you you told me. Food was average, nothing special, 50/50 if I'll ever return.


Elizabeth H.

My husband and I have been here a handful of times and I keep forgetting to write the review. This past Sunday's experience motivated me to do so. We have always had good food here, enjoyed the beer, and the atmosphere is pleasant (although the music is usually too loud for the amount of people in the space). This past Sunday, we went to catch the beginning of the Packer game before heading to a movie. The bar had about 10 people sitting at it and there were maybe 2 other tables of 2-4 people in the place. There were also people setting up for a private party in the back room. The bartender took our order. She was super nice but we could see she was getting very busy. She seemed to be the ONLY ONE working. Both my husband and I have worked in bars and restaurants...it is really unacceptable on a Sunday during football season to have one person who is expected to tend bar and serve tables. There was a bus boy who wasn't doing much besides filling water glasses. And there was someone else walking around (manager?) and occasionally dropping off food. If that was the manager, he needs to reevaluate his staffing practices and step up more when they are short-staffed.The service, not surprisingly, was slow and it took us a very long time to get our food. The bartender/server was very apologetic and my husband and I were understanding, being that we could see she was working super hard with little or no support. We will definitely be back, hoping this was a one-time thing, but the manager and staff need to get it together or they will definitely lose business.


Gary S.

Ok, usually this place is great, BUT - tonight no hostess, waitress slow and I ordered a dark beer that, while tasty, came in a small brandy snifter and cost 12.00. Wife ordered Muscato and it came in a juice glass. WTF? Will comment later on the food.


Matt T.

Typically this place has really great food however the service is a pretty bad the past two times I've been there. No they didn't mess up our orders or were rude to us while serving us. Instead they just completely ignored us for about 15 minutes while we stood there to be seated.


Senor D.

Head downtown or out west instead. 4 out of 5 Saturdays we try to stop in for dinner and drinks they are closed for private parties. Total pain in the rear. You never know until you get to the door and see the minuscule sign. All done trying. Not worth anything they offer inside- beer, food or atmosphere. Staff is unhappy, complaining in front of patrons. They are consistently out of the good or unique beers on their menu. Bye-bye now.


Michelle S.

This place is a great place to have a beer or cocktail and some amazing food. They have great food with a wide selection. I've had their Friday night fish fry and it was great!  I just finished a Ruben and it was one of the best ones I've had. Plus they gave us a free basket of bacon today!! Service is fast and friendly.


Tim L.

Always enjoy going here for the fish fry, all you can eat. The fish is cooked perfectly, and has a light breading on it. The service is good and the wait staff are always friendly.


Rob S.

We've been here for numerous second chances because I can walk to it from my house.  This past Friday, we just wanted somewhere fast, so we headed back.  After walking through the gauntlet of smokers on the patio, we went in and sat down, against my better judgement.  I tried to convince my wife to turn right around and leave because the jukebox was INCREDIBLY loud.  This was just before 8PM, mind you, not late night.  We stayed for a beer and that's all I could take.  We ended up driving elsewhere to eat.  If you like your burger with a side of headache, this is the place for you. Oddly enough, my wife woke up with a headache the next day after having one beer.  She had me taste it and it did taste 'off''.  I suspect that their tap lines are dirty.


CFamily F.

Nice place big and wide. Mmmm great food. Fun nice place to have family or friends. Nice theater style. I like it.


Bob H.

The best I can say about the Bull and Bear is that it is forgettable.  The pizza was ok, the atmosphere is dark, and I just had this feeling that it was not clean.  Service was ok.With all the good or great places to eat, I would not go back.  Sorry


Paul A.

Went here with my girlfriend last week 3 minutes before they stopped seating (we didn't know). They sat us and kept the kitchen open, bringing us out a cup of bacon. Food was quick, nachos were different but really appealing. My hamburger was definitely delicious, girlfriends sandwich was good as well. I didn't have the experience the other reviews have, would definitely go back.


Martin N.

I've been here multiple times since moving out here. I've brought various friends and family each time. Never a bad experience. The food was always good. Everyone I brought had various items off the menu and never a complaint. The people serving us were always extremely friendly. It is a nice bar atmosphere. It's a bar, it can get noisy, though not always. So if you want a quiet meal, enter at your own risk. But the beer selection is great, very diverse menu for a bar, plenty of TVs to watch sports and people there having a good time. You gotta try the boneless wings in a variety of sauces. Everyone I brought loved them.


Maria S.

Reading some of the reviews I wasn't sure they were talking about the same place ?! My family and I love this place! Food is great weekday dinner specials are perfect for a family! And everyTIME we go there our service have been outstanding.waitress and bartender are always fast and friendly! I bring my family there when  ever they are in town! We just moved here and have tried a lot of different places Bull and Bear has become my husbands and I spot.


S F.

We USED to love Bull and Bear. I can't tell you how many different groups of people my husband and I have brought there for a night out/dinner. Hands down, loved their all you can eat crab legs and ribs. Went there this last weekend, and were informed - no more crab legs. First - the waitress that told us (knows us as regulars for the crab legs) was very rude about it. "we were not making any money on it, so it is gone, forever." Ok fine. We decided to stay and order something else. Huge mistake. Out of the 4 of us, 2 of us ordered the ribs - horrible. They changed their sauce and it was almost burnt tasting. 2 others ordered fish - a plate full of rice and 3 tiny pieces of dry fish. Ordered the saganaki - it was over cooked, totally a waste. The waiter we ended up with was new - so he was rather slow and unsure of himself. Worst part - the WI game was playing. A group of 7 or so guys and 3 young kids - all in the dinning room area, screaming, clapping, high fiving - while we are trying to eat our meal. We get it - it is a bar, but there is a bar section. The waiter was feeling our pain with how obnoxious this group was being, bit no one said anything to them. Bottom line - will we be back? No....we drive 45 minutes to get there as it is. We will be finding a new place to take our friends, family and out of town guests to.


Albina O.

A-OK, not bad, not too good. The food: The guys loved the burgers. Fish fry and butterfly shrimp were mediocre. They DO have pretty good cajun fries though. Service: Good, but it was quite empty when we visited. Atmosphere: They had reality shows playing on the TV- which I REALLY did not like. The only thing that should ever be playing at a bar/ restaurant is sports. Going out to eat is a social event that should not be plagued by awful reality shows.


David R.

Interesting place, particularly from the perspective of a visiting Chicagoan.  I wouldn't mind coming here regularly if I lived nearby.  They have sort of a midscale-rustic vibe going on, but they also hammer the stock market theme.  In the lobby, there are Bulls and Bears (the sports teams) as well as bulls and bears (both painted and stuffed); there are photographs of Wall Street signs from Manhattan and of old-timey stockbroker-types; and, curiously enough, the chalkboard which lists beers and weekly specials also displays the daily closing values for the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S&P 500.  Do their customers really care about all that?  I would come here for the craft beer list and pub- and Greek-heavy menu.  Between the website and the server, I got the impression that they are very proud of their beer selection, and in fact I came here in search of Alaskan Brewing Company products.  I was more than satisfied--the Alaskan White was the beer of the week, on special for THREE dollars per pint.  How fortuitous.  They also had the Amber and the Black IPA.The service was a little slow and somewhat aloof, bordering on dour; but we saw other servers yukking it up with tables of locals.  Regulars?  Eh, who knows.  I really hate it when that happens, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.The food was very good.  We started with a Bull appetizer trio (you choose three from a list of six).  The spinach and artichoke dip was excellent.  Unlike most versions of this standard, here you can actually taste both the spinach and the artichoke (rather than just the latter), and the cheese is an accent, not the main ingredient.  Big thumbs up.  The hummus and fried calamari were just okay.The menu sported numerous delicious-sounding options, but since I wasn't very hungry, I ordered the fish sandwich.  This thing came out with three large pieces of fried cod on a nine-inch french roll.  I couldn't even close the bun around all that fish.  I removed one piece, and it was still a very filling sandwich that I couldn't finish.  I took almost half of it home.  Their fries were the battered kind, which I have guiltily admit to loving, and their cole slaw was above average too.  I sampled my wife's jerk chicken sandwich and liked that as well.  All in all this was a really good meal for a great price.Saturday night they sell all-you-can-eat crab legs and/or barbecue ribs (mix and match!) for .99.  Between that and the Alaskan beer on draft, that sounds like reason enough to take another road trip to Kenosha.


Lori K.

We have been here numerous times and it was always amazing until today. I have severe tomato alergies and my food came, not once, but twice with tomato on it. The second time, it was hidden. The manager/owner screamed that I shouldn't be BCX552X2 out and got extremely rude. He was screaming at us as we paid our bill. Needless to say, we will not be returning.


Kate S.

This place should not bother to serve breakfast on Sunday mornings. No white bread to make toast. No English muffins. Only wheat or rye toast. And no one bothering to run to the store to pick up missing items.Very poor customer service


Jennifer M.

Great food and great service. I highly recommend the bloody Mary's! They are outstanding.

About Bull & Bear and reviews